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Born in december 2022.

Tape to come around fall 2023.

Concerts : 10/04/23 w Ardente & Absolu - Holy Holster - Paris.

La Nuit Qui Tombe


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La Fin d'un Monde - 2017 - released on tape through Le Tombeau des Muses
Purement Thérapeutique - 2018 - digital, self-released
Destroy Yourself Until Nothing Remains In the Ashes But the Absolute - 2018 - hnw album released on Earthwalker Recordings netlabel
Âmes Stagnantes - Âmes Glauques - Âmes Croupies - 2018 - digital, very limited self-released cdr edition
L'Ange Noir - 2018 - digital, single track
Mai12/LNQT Split - 2018 - tape edition by Mai 12
La Bouche d'un Pistolet ou les Pieds de la Croix - 2018 - hnw album released on HNW Netlabel
Le Sens du Tragique - digital release in 2019 - Tape edition by Brümes/Vltima Ratio Regvm in 2023
Deliquescence - Split with Orgue Nouveau - 2020 - Tape edition by Orgue Nouveau/Tryphon Productions
Janus Pater - 2021 - Tape edition by Idio[t]phone Records
Our Journey To The Stars - 2021 - Digital compilation of various unreleased tracks
+ tracks for various compilation for Le Tombeau des Muses, Action Vide, Ushinawareta Tamashi


Jambe Crue - september 2020
Versailles - december 2021
Idiofest - june 2022


Mostly digital stuff on the bandcamp page and a beautiful tape edition by Solar Asceticists Productions


Mort De Questions

One-time project dealing with trauma and obsessions through sound collages.
TW : pornography in the samples.
I purposedly did not promote this anywhere, but I still do believe some people can understand it and be touched by it. Please read the small introduction before/while listening.

♡ G D F ♡